10 Money Tips to Make You Rich

10 money tips to make you rich

10 Money Tips to Make You Rich Only with Canadian Cash Solutions

How do people get rich? Before you ask this, let me start by saying it doesn’t happen over the night.
While hard work and strategic thinking are all key ingredients in becoming rich, here we have a few other ingredients to help you towards achieving your goal:

Start with a plan

Very few (good) things happen in life without planning. If you want to change your dreams of becoming rich, we suggest that you come up with a solid game plan. Each time you feel like slacking out, this plan will slap you in the face and remind you of what you are working towards.

Improve your credit score

In 2017, it is all about purchasing on credit. From purchasing video games, to the emergence of subscription boxes, all of our shopping activities revolve around using the plastic.
However, a weak credit score can be your worst nightmare.
We suggest that you keep an eye on your credit reports and make sure that they aren’t any items that are directly hurting your credit.

Go on a cleanse

A good many of us spend more than half of our wealth on items like cable, landline service and expensive lunch bills. Try adopting a lifestyle that limits you from spending money on things that are not absolutely necessary. Take lunch from home, switch to a Netflix subscription and shutdown your phone line to reduce your expenses.

Choose yourself first

Just like how safety instructions go, “Put your own mask on first, and then help the person beside you.”
We suggest that you put yourself and your goals before anything else. So many of us put others first and then fail to help ourselves. We suggest that you hold on to your money very tightly and avoid from spending it on others.

Save, save!

Who doesn’t enjoy spending? We sure do. However, keep your eye on the prize and adopt a lifestyle that focuses on saving.

Automate the flow of your money

If you are someone that spends money as soon as they see a little extra zeros in their account, we suggest that you set up automatic payments that would feed a set amount of money from your paycheck to your savings account.
Rely on a second income source
A good many successful and rich people have multiple income streams. They never depend on a singular source of income and continue to think of new ways they can make more money.

Residual source of income

Successful people focus on building income streams that ensure that they get paid over and over again for work that they’ve already performed. You don’t understand? We didn’t either, at first. Let’s consider some examples: Writing a book, setting up an online business, investing allows you to get paid over and over again.


Sometimes all we need a little advice, perhaps an insight? Network with wealthy people.
These people will help you get an express pass to success. Moreover, just like a domino, they will also affect other areas of your life.


We suggest that you reflect upon yourself and see what being rich truly means to you.
Money plays a key role in helping us accomplish many other goals in life, however, it is not necessarily the ultimate goal itself. Understand the true meaning of wealth for you and you will be able to reach your goals much sooner in life.


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