Once you send in your application one of our specialists will get in touch with you to discuss the services you are looking for and the options available to you. Our trained professionals are knowledgeable and ready to facilitate you with all of your requirements.  We want to begin by personally speaking to you before we work on your file to ensure we can find the best solutions for all of your financial needs.

Before we gain access to your credit information we must first acquire consent from you. Consent to view credit information varies from service to service, but will not be required for your application.

After we speak to you, the representative may require you to submit a few documents. The documents required vary upon the services you are interested in. As soon as we have the documents we will begin to process the approval as quickly as possible. Canadian Cash Solutions  honours your privacy and will only ask for documents required by the law.

If you have been rejected by a bank there are still lots of options available to you. We believe that it is worth your time to apply again with us. We have a lot of relationships with private lenders, banks, and other lending institutions all who are ready to assist you. These relationships are available to help you find the best possible financial solution.

Yes, absolutely! We cater to all diverse backgrounds and all types of credit.  We will do our best to match you with the most suitable financial service or product at a competitive rate.

Asking for a deposit before a loan is stabilized is an illegal way for scammers to trick you into getting your money.  Please, be careful and follow your instincts because if you end up Paying an “insurance deposit” through non-standard methods it is very difficult to get your money back.  Canadian Cash Solutions and its lenders will never demand that you pay a deposit upfront for a loan that is yet to be secure.

One of our representatives will inform you the moment you are approved by email or phone. Canadian Cash Solutions strives to provide the quickest approval times.

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