5 ways to come up with a down payment

5 ways to come up with a down payment

5 ways to come up with a down payment Only with Canadian Cash Solutions

So, you’ve found your dream house or your ideal car, but there is one thing standing right in between you it. Yes, we mean the down payment.
Don’t fear, here we have 5 ways to come up with a down payment to change your dreams to reality.

Look for a Part-time Job

What’s better than accomplishing your goals through hard work?
If your current job allows you the flexibility to pick up an extra shift, start with just that. You can also opt for working a second job to supplement your income. Make use of freelancing opportunities through websites like Upwork, Guru & Toptal. This help connect you with potential employers and offer you the platform to utilize skills and expertise. Start by putting your lunch hours to look for freelancing opportunities.

Make Use of special program

There are several programs set-up exclusively to help buyers with their down-payment situation.
You might be surprised by the number of programs that are set up to help buyers, especially first time home buyers. Search the web or take advantage of Down Payment Resource, which is a “Web-based software company with a mission to connect people with hard-to-find financial resources.”
Sites such as this take your information into consideration and you with programs that assist with down-payment.

Tone down your lifestyle

We have to lose something, to get something. We suggest you downsize your lifestyle; to allow you to save you some cash that can be put towards your down payment. If home ownership or a new car is your goal, start by selling off the one you already have. Trade your three bedrooms for a studio, or take baby steps by taking lunch from home and limiting your expenditures.

Borrow against your life insurance

Yes, you can actually borrow money against your life insurance policy – top secret. If you have a life insurance policy, good for you. Although you will need to pay it back, you can borrow money against your whole life insurance policy.

Seek help from your family

Although, this may not seem like a wise option. However, there is no bad thing in asking. Perhaps you have a parent, grandparent, or even a cousin that has money. Ask them if they could help you with your down-payment. To be even more convincing and to retain your self-respect, we suggest that you come up with a payment plan and sets out the schedule that you would utilize to pay back the amount.
Whichever method(s) you choose to rely on, bear in mind what you are working towards.

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