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Whenever you ‘re in need of some quick cash to get you through a rough patch, consider borrowing from a title loan lender. A personal loan with bad credit involves borrowing money with the loaned amount based on the equity value of your vehicle and then paying the debt with monthly payments. 


It sounds like a great deal because it is! It won’t cost you any money upfront and it may be the only option that will allow you to keep your car during the loan term. A car title loan from Canadian Cash Solutions will help you get through any financial trouble you may be facing.


There are many title loan lenders in Canada. Some of them may require employed borrowers and those without loans from other companies. They also need to know your income so that they can determine the size of the loan that they can give you. We won’t require any of those. 


These lenders also charge higher interest rates because there is no way for them to verify your income. On the other hand, we offer collateral loans based on the equity value of your car. 


Since there’s no income or employment criteria, anyone can apply. You’ll have a choice of terms and interest rates so you can choose the best deal that suits your financial situation. We’re here for people who want to borrow using the equity value of their vehicles to help with unexpected expenses such as;


  • home renovations
  • low income or unemployment
  • debt consolidation;
  • medical expense
  • childcare expenses

Why Choose Us?


Quick Approval Time


When it comes to hassle-free personal loans with bad credit, we are the best option. Our service is very easy to use and has no hidden costs, what-so-ever. Once you fill up our basic application form online, we will get in touch with you immediately. You’ll have your answer within a few minutes and can get your loaned cash within 24 hours or less.


Improve Your Credit Score 


When you borrow money using the equity value of your vehicle, it won’t show up on your credit record or credit history. In addition, the money you get from us can be used for paying installments of other loans. This will help improve your credit score. 


Long Loan Term


Another benefit of choosing us is that you can pay back the loan over a longer period of time. You’ll be able to make loan payments within 48 months. If you don’t want to keep the loan going on for so long, you can do so.

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