Asset Based Financing


Secure your next loan against an asset you already own

If you are an individual looking for a loan that has competitive financing rates and easygoing terms than consider an asset based loans. An asset loan works by levering your assets to allow you to receive large loans. Your assets may include: recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trailer, snowmobile, jewelry, antiques, boats, marines, vehicles and also commerical equipment.

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Who’s eligible?


There are just a few simple requirements that need to be met to make this loan available to you:

  1. You must be currently residing and working in Canada.
  2. Looking to purchase product or services for either personal or commercial use.
  3. Start-up businesses are accepted.
  4. All credit types accepted.

The Benefits

  1. No need to worry about your credit score, the loan is secured and the lender is protected.
  2. Since the loan is secured, you can qualify for a larger loan amount by leveraging your asset(s).
  3. Lenders are also willing to take on riskier and larger loans because the loan is secured.
  4. As a business owner, you can use the cash to expand your business and cover any short-term cash needs.

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