Benefits Of A Car Title Loan

car title loans


Financial emergencies can strike at any time. We should  be well prepared for them with our savings or emergency funds but that’s not always easy to do. If the case  arises to take out a loan, we shouldn’t hesitate. There are many types of loans a person can choose from. The most reliable and easily available is a car title loan. This loan can be taken from a private lender like Canadian Cash Solutions. Unlike a bank loan that takes several days, an auto title loan from us can be disbursed  in one day’s time. All you need to have is a fully paid off vehicle that is not older than 10 years. There are many benefits to a car title loan, also known as a collateral loan.    

Car Title Loans are Fast

When a financial emergency strikes, you need quick funds which can help you immediately. A personal loan from a bank can take days or weeks, before it is completely processed. But with a vehicle collateral loan, you can get the money within 24 hours. We provide our loans at competitive interest rates. The best part about our vehicle title loan is that the borrower gets to keep their car  as there’s no need to surrender the car to us. You get to drive and use it the way you normally would. We only keep the title papers for the duration of the loan. Auto title lending has become very popular. The main reason for this is the fast loan procedure and approval. You can use the money for your financial emergencies like house repairs, medical bills, tuition fees etc. You also don’t need a good credit score to qualify for the loan. 

Car Title Loans are Convenient

You can apply for the loan through our website. You can fill out the basic online application form. Through the information provided on the  form we will let you know whether your vehicle pre qualifies for the loan or not. We also provide you a rough loan amount your car is eligible for.  Or you can also give us a call and talk to one of our loan agents for more information about our title loans. Either way we need to collect some information  regarding your vehicle such as the year of purchase, make and model of the car along with the odometer reading. Once you prequalify for a car title loan, you’ll be asked to fill out a detailed application form and submit some documents for verification. You’ll also be asked to bring in  your vehicle to be inspected. With all this, we try to keep it as simple as possible. All this will happen within a day’s time. And once all the documents have been received, verified and the car inspected , we approve the loan without further delays. We disburse the loan quickly and the borrower is free to drive away with their cash. 

Easy Payment System

Instant auto title loan comes with numerous benefits. These loans are here to ease the financial burden  off the borrower. Canadian Cash Solutions’ car title loan also helps the borrower in every possible way. The whole payment system right from the beginning until  the end works in the favor of the borrower. There’s no need to produce proof of employment or income nor do we ask for it. For us, the title papers of your car as security is sufficient. The loan from us can be taken through multiple options. You can take cash, or opt for an e-transfer, cheque or you can get funds  deposited into your bank account. We have also made it easy for the borrower to pay back the money. Our monthly instalments are low and easy on the pocket. When closing the loan, there is no need to worry about closing penalties if you pay off the loan sooner than the maturity date of the loan.. We allow early payments and we don’t charge any prepayment penalties for doing so. Our loans are open ended so a client can freely pay off a loan at anytime or make early payments without worry. 


A car title loan is a quick and easy way to solve your money problems. Canadian Cash Solutions offers you the most comfortable loan service available in Canada. Call toll free (855) 622-8564 or apply online today. 

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