Boat Title Loans


Did you know that you can borrow money using your boat?

Boat Title Loans: Sometimes we don’t have the option of using unsecured credit due to bad financial history, but that’s ok! You can always consider using your boat to get the loan that you need. Using your boat as collateral means less risk to the lender allowing you to receive a loan even if have poor to bad  credit. In comparison to other loans, a secured loan lets you qualify for larger amounts of money.


You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • boat model
  • boat year
  • location
  • boat valuation


Our partners provide the opportunity to borrow up to 50% of the boat value. If you have a newer boat model then this is a significant sum of money. You get to keep your boat while you pay off the loan because you are only using the boat as a collateral. We are confident that this money can meet your living expenses and responsibilities. It’s that simple!


Please note : This loan requires that you have no existing liens on your boat. If you need money quick and fast be sure to send in your application.


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