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Canadian Cash Solutions works with efficiency, honesty and integrity. We provide businesses the ability to gain access to financing from lenders across Canada. We say, “Yes” with no upfront fees, when all other traditional institutions say, “No”. If you have an immediate capital need, apply now to get a free no obligation quote.


  • Quick Same day Approval– Complete an online application to get access to the best rates and best lenders in Canada.
  • Get a quote right away! – Apply today, see how you can qualify for and get a no risk, no obligation quote for free.
  • Flexible terms and payment plans– We work with a variety of lenders to ensure the best options and solution for your business.
  • Borrow between $10, 000 – $500, 000 – We accept all types of credit. With no collateral required, getting approved is fast, easy and secure.
  • Focus on Your Business – Streamlined process so you can get the cash you need and spend more time focusing on your business.

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