Consumer Proposal


If you think that bankruptcy is your only option, it is possible that you have overlooked the option of a consumer proposal. Consumer proposals can help you manage your severe financial issues through controlling and reducing monthly payments into one you can realistically pay off. Contrary to bankruptcy you will not be free from your debt and will still have to pay it back. However, the main goal is to become debt free by paying back all debt in a way that is timely and manageable so that you can become debt free quick. The freedom of having a debt free life could be within reach through the help of a consumer proposal.

What to Expect When You File for a Consumer Proposal

You will work tightly with a bankruptcy trustee expert that understands your situation. They will deal with the important files and paperwork. They will be there to answer your questions and assist in any way along the journey of making you debt free. Beginning a legal proceeding that involves your own money can be frightening.

  • The money will stop being deducted from your salary or compensation.
  • Interest will stop getting added to your debts.
  • Collection agencies will no longer be able to legally contact you.
  • Your assets will remain securely yours.
  • You will have unto 5 years to repay your debts.

How to know it is right for you:

  • Your current income is not sufficient for monthly payments.
  • Your debts and interest are currently too expensive for you.
  • Bankruptcy is not an option because you do not want to give up assets.
  • Your income is too high to file for bankruptcy.

Benefits of Filing a Consumer Proposal

We understand that choosing a debt relief option is hard, but consumer proposal offers a lot of benefits.

  • Your assets, like such as your car or home will be securely yours and have no risk or being taken away from you.
  • There will be no surplus income payments
  • Allows you to feel like you have a grip on your finances.


You should gain the perspective that filing for a consumer proposal is the first step towards a promising financial future. Your goal of having a debt free life will be within your reach.

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