Cope Up With Your Money Troubles Through a Bad Credit Auto Loan

bad credit auto loan


There may be a  time, when a situation may arise where a person may need immediate funds to meet an unexpected requirement. Help is always available provided you know where to look . During such times, you may ask your friends or family for financial help. Alternatively, you can get a bad credit auto loan too. With this, you can borrow cash quickly using your vehicle title papers. This is not like any other typical loan you take from a bank. Unlike other lending sources, a bad credit car collateral loan from us doesn’t require your credit score for approval. Even the requirements to apply for this type of loan are clear and precise. It comes with a lot of benefits for people stuck in financial problems.

Before we move on to the requirements for a vehicle title loan, let’s get to know more about the significance of such a loan. It is a type of secured loan where you can use your vehicle to borrow funds hassle-free despite a bad credit score. Since we are talking about a loan available to those  with  bad credit, anyone in need can apply for this loan. Even  people with no credit history  can also use their vehicles  to borrow  money during a stressful time. All you  need is a vehicle with no financial obligations and no older than 10 years. This means, there shouldn’t be any previous financial obligations linked to the vehicle. We simply hold on to your  car title papers until full repayment of the loan is received.

How To Apply

Are you looking for a fast and secure method to handle your unexpected expenses? Are you tired of looking for quick but reliable solutions to your cash problems? The answer is standing in your driveway. Your car is the answer to your financial troubles. You don’t have to go sell it, you just need to apply using your  car title loan with Canadian Cash Solutions. We can instantly lend you money through this loan based on the value and condition of your vehicle. 

Advantages Of A Vehicle Title Loan

For us, your car is basically your credit score. We don’t consider your bad credit score or your job details as eligibility criteria for our  bad credit auto loan. This means we can easily lend you the required money against your  vehicle title quickly.. In addition to the title papers of your  car, some other necessary documents will be required for verification:;

  • A fully paid vehicle that is no older than 10 years
  • A clear title to the car
  • Vehicle insurance and registration papers in your name
  • Proof of legal age as per your province 
  • Canadian driver’s license
  • Proof of permanent residency 
  • Spare set of keys


If all the requirements are met, the paperwork  process can be completed quickly , and you can easily get your funds on the same day of applying.

Get Funds On The Same Day

When you need money instantly, no need to  wait  long for the loan approval  like in the case of traditional lenders. With Canadian Cash Solutions you can quickly receive the money within a few hours of the loan approval. Once the car equity loan is approved, you are given the funds and you you can be on your way in your car!

No Prepayment Penalty

With Canadian Cash Solutions, a borrower has the  advantage of paying off the loan in full  early even before the expiry of the loan term.  We don’t penalize  the borrower with a prepayment penalty or extra fees for doing so. 

Get In Touch

Money is the backbone of our daily life. One can face a shortage of cash at any time. The best way out in such a scenario is finding a lending source that gets you the required funds within 24 hours. Our loan agents are always ready to help and provide the loan  details for our  bad credit auto loans.. You can apply online by filling out a basic application form. This is where you will  be asked to provide personal contact information and car details including  year, makemodel and kilometers.. Once you fill the form and hit the submit button, one of our loan agents will review to see if you pre-qualify for the loan and will be in contact.  Just in case you don’t want to go the online way, you can also contact one of our loan agents by calling (toll-free) (1-844-604-4143).

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