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Personal Loan- car title loans

Due to the pandemic, many people ended up using their emergency savings to pay for unavoidable expenses. Many people lost their jobs and many were left with lesser income. Businesses went down and the world came to a standstill. In such a scenario, it has become difficult for people to take control of their lives. Personal finance needs to be taken care of and people need help in doing so. 

Obtaining a personal loan through a bank can be time-consuming due to the complicated application process. Banks also have strict approval rules and complex paperwork, which make things quite impossible. Whether you want to pay for your medical bills or for any unexpected expenses, cash is needed to make things work. If you need immediate funds, it’s time you apply for a car title loan. If you own a lien-free vehicle, you can quickly get a loan based on its equity value.

Get A Low-Interest Rate Now

A vehicle collateral loan can get you fast cash for your requirements by using your asset, such as a fully-paid vehicle as collateral. To borrow against it, you need to have sufficient equity to get approved for a loan. The amount is based on the current worth and condition of your vehicle or its equity value. Canadian Cash Solutions helps you when you need money the most.


Simple Steps To Get A Short-Term Title Loan Using Your Car:


With us, you can get an instant loan by following these steps:


  1. Call us or apply online

Call us at our (toll-free number) 604-359-1125 or fill out our online application form to get the approval.

  1. Submit the paperwork

The paperwork part is easy. We require basic documents to get approval for your personal finance loan.

  1. Keep driving your car

After verification of the documents, you get the money and you can drive home with your car.

Basic Requirements For Approval

  • A lien-free vehicle not more than ten years old
  • A clear title to your car
  • Proof of legal age in your location
  • Possess a valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance under your name
  • Proof of permanent residence
  • Spare Set of Car Keys 

Benefits You Can Get Out of Our Loan

  • Continue driving your car even when you are making loan payments.
  • Your financial history is not a major issue when you apply for this loan. The approval depends solely on the value of the car and not on your credit score.
  • We disburse the money on the same day of approval. There are no delays!
  • You can pay back the loan through comfortable installments or make an early payout without facing any prepayment penalties.
  • The interest rates are competitive with our loans.


Call us at our (toll-free number) 604-359-1125 or fill out our online application form to get instant approval.

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