How a Car Repair Loan Helps You In Your Difficult Time?

Keeping your car well and in good shape can be difficult especially as weather seasons change… In fact, owning can be pretty expensive. When we consider regular maintenance and, of course, sudden car repairs, it can definitely be overwhelming financially to say the least. You can use credit cards, cash and other credit products to pay for car repair costs but you can also consider getting financial help from a loan company. Canadian Cash Solutions does just that but providing car repair loans to people in need of quick cash.


What is a Car Repair Loan?


A car repair loan is exactly what it sounds like, an installment loan which is made to help you deal with expensive car repairs. We all know that repairs are not the only vehicle-related costs that one of these loans can cover. You can also use a car repair loan for your  other vehicle expenses like:


General Maintenance Costs


  • Oil, coolant, and differential fluid changes
  • New batteries for vehicle
  • Vehicle Inspection costs
  • Seasonal Vehicle tire changes
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Seasonal rust proofing
  • Timing chain replacement
  • Air conditioning and heating maintenance



Overall Safety Improvement


  • New tires (all-season, winter, summer, etc.)
  • Head, tail, tag, and interior light repairs
  • Windshield or window replacements
  • New brake pads and discs or other brake-related problems
  • New airbags, seatbelts, and other safety features
  • Vehicle suspension
  • Gearbox transmission

Cosmetic Improvements


  • New or customized paint jobs
  • Tinted windows
  • New seats
  • Rust, dent, and scratch removal
  • Custom additions (spoilers, rims, spokes, hubcaps, stereo system, etc.)
  • Accident and Damage Repairs
  • Cracked/broken windshield or other windows
  • Fender and bumper replacements
  • Front and side airbag replacement
  • General bodywork

How to choose the Right financing option for Your Car Repairs?

You can pay car repairs by cash,  debit card or credit but doing so every time is n’t a good idea. This can easily deplete your savings or maybe put you deeper into financial debt. In fact, different car repairs can cause a lot of debt, more than you usually can handle.


Basic car maintenance should be relatively minimal in cost but Car repair loans, on the other hand:


  • Are used for larger and less-affordable vehicle costs
  • Offer more affordable interest rates than the average credit card
  • Come with a customization payment plan and installment amounts that suit your finances and budget
  • Know exactly how much your total loan payments are


How to Qualify for a Car Repair


There are some requirements that should be met to get approval:


  • You must be the owner of the vehicle
  • The loan amount you request cannot exceed the estimated value of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration and insurance.
  • You must have a government approved ID, such as a Canadian Driver’s license


Important Things to Consider When Financing Your Car Repairs!


Car repair loans can be very useful, but at the same time, they need to be handled properly to avoid racking up more debt than you can handle. So, before you apply, it’s necessary to ask yourself questions like:


  • How much is the car’s value?
  • How old is the car?
  • How many kilometers driven?
  • What is the entire cost of the present repair or maintenance plan?
  • Are these plans going to be recurring difficulties?
  • Have there been any past accidents?
  • Will the cost of this repair loan fit into my budget and can my income support it?


Need a Car Repair Loan? Choose Canadian Cash Solutions!


If you’ve been searching for the most effective and affordable loan to get money for your vehicle repair and maintenance, you’ve come to the right place!  Canadian Cash Solutions is here to provide the best financial help.


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