How to manage your credit cards

How to manage your credit card

How to manage your credit cards? Only with Canadian Cash Solutions

Credit cards are a great addition to your wallet. However, just like everything else in the world, credit cards too require proper management.

Sieve through!

We all have at some point carried several credit cards, all in hopes to optimize our chance of earing rewards to its maximum capacity.

However, as time passed, we soon realized that having way too many credit cards is good for nothing but headaches and stress.

It is no fun trying to remember paying off each card, neither is it fun remembering which card to use when. That’s like going through a lot of trouble for little or nothing.


If you are going through this phase, we suggest that you take a break and review your credits.
Skim down to the two cards that offer the best rewards and stick to using them for all of your purchases.
Closing credit cards that are good for nothing is also a suitable option. However, please remember that closing credit cards, especially ones that you’ve had for a very long time can hurt your credit score, so weigh your options carefully.

Monitor your spending

It is very important for you to monitor your expenditure. The biggest risk that comes with having credit cards is that they are so deceptive. One swipe and boom! You are the owner of a brand new laptop.


With credit cards at our disposal, we are all getting in the habit of spending money that we don’t already have.
It is very important for you to manage your budget and keep an eye on what you are using your credit cards for.

Take advantage of auto-pay

Credit cards come with the added advantage of you being able to set-up automatic payments in order to take care of your monthly bills. This means no more stressing out to make it to the post office in time to mail out your electricity payments.

Don’t hoard points!

If your credit cards give you rewards, we suggest that you use them without a lot of delay.


In many cases, you don’t get any prior warning when your points expire, or when the company readjusts how much each point is worth. So, if at like one point in time your 50,000 points could fly you to Asia, sometime later they could maybe get you a camera, only.

Always remember to pay off your debt!

Although, there is no easy way around this one, it is utmost important for you to pay off your credit cards within its due course. Aim for paying more than the minimum, in order to reduce the interest that you pay each month and to reduce the amount of time it would take for you to completely pay off your dues.


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