Injury & Medical Assistance Loans

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Injury & Medical Assistance Loans: An injury can happen anytime and anywhere. Even a minor injury with a short-term recovery process can affect large aspects of your life.  Has an injury loans put you out of work? If it has then you are familiar with the stress that comes from being unemployed and having those bills start to pile up. Canadian Cash Solutions and our multiple partners want to help you. Even if banks have turned you down, we want you to know that there are still lots of other options. We want it to be a two-way street where we can help you out. Unlike, banks who only look to move themselves we want you to move forward with us and get back up on your feet.

Benefits of working with Canadian Cash Solutions:

  • personalized service
  • easy payment plans
  • quick and simple application process
  • fast turnover time
  • more options

Medical Expenses

When you do not have a job even the most fundamental expenses become hard to pay. Not to mention, the medical bills that you now have to pay. When you apply for a loan we will ensure that you are able to make all your payments on time.


Even if you are able to make the payments like rent, utility bills, and credit card payments, it won’t be long until your medical bills start to add up. You will soon start to feel like you are losing grip. When you fill out an application with Canadian Cash Solutions our specialists will work at getting you the right provider that will help you pay for medical expenses, like prescriptions or surgery.  We will help you take care of your bills so that you can focus on recovering.

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