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Lasik & Optometry Loans(Medical Assistance): When insurance is either not an option or only covers a small amount it makes paying for the cost of LASIK eye surgery, eyeglasses, contacts and other optometry bills very hard to pay for by the average person. So much of your life depends on your eyesight whether it is work, school or driving, you heavily rely on your eyes. That is why money should not stand in the way of getting the eye care that you need.


Depending on your lifestyle Lasik eye surgery offers benefits that are priceless. Such as a better quality of life, convenience and the benefit of not wearing glasses.

Benefits of Lasik: Better vision, job benefits, no need for contacts or glasses, convenience.

We offer:

  • Personalized loan options
  • Customer service that goes above and beyond
  • Fast approvals
  • Wide options in lending partners
  • Obtain the money that you need
  • Monthly bills will be manageable so they can be paid on time
  • No credit card debt


How Canadian Cash Solutions can help:

The cost of trips to the eye doctor can add up. The cost of the glasses you never needed until now can be an unexpected cost that you were not prepared for. If the money to receive eye care is a little out of your reach let us make the eye care realistically possible for you.


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