Make Your Christmas More Meaningful This Year By Getting Quick Financial Help!

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We  are all excited during this time of year gathering with our family and friends. It’s time to relax and enjoy Christmas spending quality time with our loved ones.

Christmas holidays can be the most beautiful time of the year, but  can also be very expensive.. Meeting with friends, family and buying gifts during  this time can be costly, causing a real dent in your bank account. Just like buying gifts, spending time, cooking up a feast for family can also be costly and take much time.


Canadian Cash Solutions Can Help You  Make Your Christmas Holidays Special!


We are teamed up with a variety of lenders across Canada to provide alternative financial solutions like mortgage loans, home equity loans, Collateral loans and Bad credit car loans  to people in need of instant cash. Our principal focus is to provide outstanding customer service with a simple approval process that is fast! We have a set of unique financial lenders, so whatever it is; let us help  guide you through our quick loan process. First step is to choose the perfect loan to best suit your needs from the list given below.


Loan Services Provided By Canadian Cash Solutions:

Asset based loan services:

  • Car Title Loans                        
  • Tractor Title Loans
  • RV & Mobile Home Title Loans
  • Boat Title Loans

Mortgage Services

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Short Term Mortgage Financing
  • Land Title Loans

Unsecured Loan Services

Auto Loan Services

  • New Vehicle Financing
  • Old Vehicle Financing
  • Vehicle Repair Financing

New Purchase Financing

  • Motorcycle Financing
  • Snowmobile Financing
  • Marine Vehicle Financing

Credit Improvement And Debt Management

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Proposal

Business Services

  • Business Loans
  • Farm Equipment Loans


Easily choose the ideal loan service  according to your needs. Our primary motive is to maintain a good and long-term relationship with our clients. This is the reason why we have a large number of clients who are happy with our services. So, if you are thinking of  getting a loan, take a look at the list below to see how t you can qualify for a loan with us:

  1. Tell us which type of loan you are looking for.
  2. Fill out our online application.
  3. We will find the best loan provider for you.


To qualify for a Car Collateral Loan you must meet the following criteria:


  1. Must be the age of majority
  2. Provide proof of permanent residence
  3. Possess a Canadian Drivers License
  4. Own a vehicle that is fully paid for, free of any financial obligations


Gain these Benefits  When You Get a Car Collateral Loan with Us!

Get Cash Instantly

You can get up to $50,000 with us which is entirely based on the market value of your asset.

Lower Interest Rates

We have the best interest rates in the industry which are 70% lower than the competitors.

No Prepayment Penalties

You can pay off your loan anytime because we do not charge any penalty if you want to repay it early.

Flexible Loan Terms

You would get the most extended loan terms on your title loan which is mostly 1 to 5 years in length. So you get some time pay back your loan.

No Credit Checks And No Job Requirements

Good credit, poor or no credit? No problem! No Job? No worries! We do not have any credit checks or job requirements.

Flexible Payment terms

You can pay your loan anytime with us because we do not have fix payment terms on our loans.

Easy Loan Procedure

The procedure to avail a loan with us is straightforward, and you can get your money instantly. This will include:

  1. Call us or apply online
  2. Minimum paperwork
  3. Drive off with your money


Our clients are important to us! Our friendly team of loan experts will work with you to provide the best financial solution that is right for you. Whether you are looking  to get some quick cash for the Christmas season, New Year or for a sudden emergency we’ve got all your financial needs covered!

Apply online today!  For more loan related questions  feel free to call us (toll free) 1855622-8564.

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