Personal Loans Under $5,000

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Banks are usually more interested in assisting people with big loans, but we all know that small instances come up where we just need a small amount of money to meet our financial needs. Canadian Cash Solutions specializes in finding partners that can offer smaller personal loans and getting you the money you need to avoid more debt, pay off student loans, afford a car or any other need you currently have.

Do you have bad credit?

Banks may have turned you down in the past due to a bad credit score. Bad credit can make it highly more difficult to receive loans from Canada’s chartered financial institutions.
However, because of our partnerships with multiple lenders across Canada, we are able to approve those that the banks cannot. Private lenders are not restricted to the same rules that banks are so they are able to help you with your financial situation.

Are you thinking of getting a payday loan?

Before you decide on a payday loan it is very important that you understand what to
expect. Predatory lenders have designed their loans to keep you in a payday loan cycle.
You may then be forced to take out loans on top of loans until you are buried in debt. If
you are interested in this loan we suggest you take it out with Canadian Cash Solutions instead.

Consider an unsecured loan from Canadian Cash Solutions!

The nature of this loan allows you access to more money. This loan is safer because you
do not have a risk of getting stuck in a payday loan cycle. You can be sure of the
exact amount you are going to have to pay that month. The installments will be
manageable to fit your budget so your debt can get paid off fast.
Our promise is that the process will be simple and the chance of you getting approved is

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