Rent and Utility Loans

Rent and Utility Loans

Rent and Utility Loans – It can be a struggle to make the payments on monthly bills.
Every month they need to be paid in their entirety and the consequences of not doing so
are threatening. Emergencies can arise that put us in debt, sometimes the answer to our
problems seems to be skipping a few monthly payments to focus on paying off the debt,
but in reality, this is the opposite of the solution. This will only lead to more financial burdens.

Consequences of skipping payments

  • you could be evicted from where you live
  • you may have to pay additional fees (late fees and service fees)
  • the service could be disconnected

Not having your basic needs poses large challenges to your wellbeing. If you feel trapped
it may be because you have yet to look at the option of taking out a personal loan to cover
those bills until you become more financially stable.

Getting a loan

Canadian Cash Solutions will match you with a private lender that understands what you are going through and wants to help. Once you fill out the simple application forms you will be contacted by one of our knowledgeable specialists. Paying your bills on time will stop you from having to pay extra fees. Allow us to help you reestablish your financial security.

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