Rent to Own Homes Program


If you are missing requirements to receive a mortgage, contrary to beliefs owning a home is not beyond your reach. Rent to own program might just be your solution. The program works by letting you find the home of your dreams, renting it and then buying it later on. This allows you to buy a home at a pre-set price.

How does this program work?

Put down a small payment that will act as a credit towards the home. You make monthly payments to which some will go towards the purchasing of the home. This also gives consent to rebuild your credit through the duration of the program. The goal is that at the end of the program you’re able to apply for a loan through conventional needs.

What are the benefits?

  • you can grow the equity of your home
  • you dodge closing costs
  • you can restore your credit
  •  we specialize in giving loans to individuals the bank says no to
  • A great way to gain wealth is through real estate and home ownership


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