Short Term Mortgage Financing or Short Term Mortgage Loans

Short Term Mortgage Financing


Are you daunted by the thought of having to pay off a large expense? To make it worse have you been turned down from banks to receive money that you desperately need? We understand that you must be stressed. That is why we work with people like you who need an alternative solution. We can connect you to a private mortgage lender that can offer you a promising short-term financial solution.

Short Term Mortgage Financing

Your private mortgage lender can connect you with a bridge loan. Short Term Mortgage Financing or Short Term Mortgage Loans are designed to be used as a short-term financial solution that combats bad debt and credit scores. This loan is a great choice for someone who has been denied a loan from a bank.

How does it work?

Step 1: The bank declines you a loan. Bridge loans are perfect for those who can’t get loans from a bank.
Step 2: We set you up with a private lender. Your financial problems will be solved by taking out a mortgage loan from a private lender. In the next 6 months to a year, you need to make your payments on time.  This will allow enough time for you to build credit towards financing with a B-lender, a bank or A-lender and also reduce the cost of borrowing.
Step 3: With a better credit history, you can obtain a mortgage through a B-lender. This will provide a much lower interest rate and continue you on your journey and build a strong credit history.  This, in turn, will help contribute positively to your improving credit and also gain approval from an A-Lender or bank in the near future.
Step 4: Receive a mortgage from a bank. The process will help you reach your end goal of having a mortgage with alow interestt rate.

Reasons why a Bridge Loan is right for you:

  • You have been turned down from other financial institutions.  We specialize in giving those with a bad credit score the money that they need.  The same people that are rejected by banks, get accepted with us.
  • The loan can erase your debt and give you a promising financial future.
  • The loan can help if you have experienced difficulties paying your taxes and have received tax bills from Canada’s Revenue Agency.
  • If you own a business and need funds to help it thrive or assistance getting out of a financial crisis.
  • Bridge loans can create a secure credit history. Meanwhile, it can discard high-interest rates on debit and credit.
  • The loan can shorter you payments on consumer proposals.
  • A private lender can assist you even if you have a current lien on your home.  They will discuss a tailored fix to this situation.


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