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Lake Biwa is a massive fresh lake in Japan located in northeast Kyoto, formed 4,000 years ago. You may know that Lake Biwa is not only a big lake but one of the oldest lakes in the world. It is also home to many species of fish and birds. You can bring your family with you using your car pawn loan Aurora Ontario, and have a wonderful time at Lake Biwa.

Fun Things To Do At Lake Biwa

  • Explore Hikone Castle. It is a national treasure and is one of the two castles around Lake Biwa. Completed in 1622, Hikone Castle took 20 years to build and became a protective National Historic site in 1951. It served as the seat of the feudal lords until 1868. 
  • Ukimido, “The Floating Temple.” It is a famous temple built on top of Lake Biwa in 1937 with astounding sceneries that captivates countless people, including artists, writers, and the poet Matsuo Basho. It is a popular spot for photographers because of its superb view.
  • Lake Biwa Boat Cruises. Have fun aboard a Japanese boat and enjoy the rich scenery at Lake Biwa. Nothing is as exciting as taking a boat ride on the largest lake in Japan. You can board a paddle boat that cruises around the lake. The ride offers excellent music and food while you enjoy the breathtaking view.

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