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Quick Car Pawn Loans

Money may not be everything and yet we need it to make our lives as comfortable as possible. From time to time, we spend it on things we deem important in our lives. Sometimes, we fall short of money to cater to our day to day needs like; pending utility bills, medical expenses, credit card bills, etc. Taking financial help in the form of a loan from a reputable lender can help you a lot. 

No matter how badly you require funds, a car pawn loan will provide you the money you need, based on the equity value of your car. So next time if you face any difficulty in paying off your bills, etc., you can consider using your vehicle as collateral in lieu for the loan amount. You will receive money on the same day with minimal documentation and no credit checks.

Convenient Loan Process

Canadian Cash Solutions allow you to use the title of your car as collateral to obtain funds through an easy auto equity loan.  The title papers of your car are kept with us in exchange for the loan amount.  So, you can easily borrow cash and keep your car with you. We allow you to borrow an amount based on the car’s market value and condition. Your vehicle title is returned once you repay the loan amount in full. 


Why Apply For A Car Pawn Loan With Us?


There are many reasons why people apply for a car pawn loan with us:


1)Good Credit History is Not Required

These loans are secured against your vehicle title, so we don’t require good credit history. That is why people with poor credit history need not worry since we accept all types of credit. 

2) Same Day Cash 

Same day cash is given to borrowers who have submitted the complete application form and supporting documents as well. We understand their situation and provide cash  within 24 hours. 

3) No Prepayment Penalties

No prepayment penalties or hidden fees will be charged to you in case you wish to pay out  the remaining loan amount before the maturity of the term.


All You Need Are The Following:


  • You should be the owner of a fully paid for vehicle which can be a car, truck, van, S.U.V, motorcycle, etc.
  • The vehicle must be less than 10 years old and should have a clear title.
  • There should be a collision and comprehensive insurance of your car under your name.
  • You need to have legitimate registration papers of your car under your name. 
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license is also needed.
  • Proof of permanent residency is also required.
  • A second set of vehicle keys that work on all doors and ignition need to be submitted at the time of inspection.


Pawning your car in order to obtain cash couldn’t get easier than this. Call us at our toll free (855) 622-8564 and talk to one of our loan agents today. You can apply online too.


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