What You Need To Know About Vehicle Pawn Loans

Vehicle Pawn Loans

You may have heard about pawn loans but unsure about what they are about. There is a place for them in everyday life as well. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about these types of loans. If you are ever in financial trouble and need some help getting cash, a pawn loan may be an ideal option!. Vehicle pawn loans at Canadian Cash Solutions can get you the real help you need.

What Are Vehicle Pawn Loans?

Vehicle pawn loans are when borrowing cash by using your car as collateral for the loan. These loans get you the cash you need based on your vehicle’s actual market value and condition. You don’t have to worry about poor credit history because that isn’t an issue or factor with us. This is a loan you can secure no matter how poor your credit record might be. For this type of loan, you don’t need to surrender your vehicle. We simply hold onto the title of your vehicle for the duration of your loan, while you’re making payments.

Vehicle Pawn Loans Can Come in Handy!

  • You Have To Cover Medical Costs

While you might have insurance, there are some things that aren’t covered like sudden medical emergencies. Why not consider a vehicle title loan to help pay off those medical bills quickly.

  • Got Car Repairs?

You can’t always predict when your vehicle needs repair and those repairs can be very expensive. If you don’t have the money for the repairs, but have a fully paid for the vehicle, then a title loan is a good idea to get the cash.

  • Moving?

Whether you are moving into a new house and need to make a deposit or pay for relocation expenses, a vehicle title loan can help you out!

Benefits of Vehicle Pawn Loans

There are many benefits people take out vehicle pawn loans. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Same Day Cash

Getting cash in a matter of hours once you are approved. There is no significant amount of printed material to fill out, so this makes the whole process fast.

  • Bad Credit Is Not an Issue

There are no restrictions to who can apply for a vehicle pawn loan. We use your vehicle’s title as a guarantee to secure your loan, so good credit is not required. Your credit history is not a major factor whether you are approved for a loan with us. So, if you have bad or no credit, these loans might be the best solution for you.

  • Qualifying Is Easy

It’s simple and easy to meet all the requirements for a vehicle title loan. You will need to be 18 years of age or above, have a valid driver’s license, and have your own vehicle that is lien free.

  • Fast Application Process

The application procedure is very fast and simple. Get approved the same day.

  • Keep Driving Your Vehicle

We hold your vehicle title for the duration of the loan as a guarantee or collateral, so you don’t need to give up your car. You can still drive your vehicle as normal.

  • No Hidden Fees or Prepayment Penalties

At Canadian Cash Solutions, we never have any hidden charges or prepayment penalties. If you pay off your loan early, there will be no penalties or additional charges to pay.

Which Vehicles Qualify?

You can bring in motorcycles, cars, boats, RVs, heavy equipment, off-road vehicles, and many others in for a vehicle pawn loan.

Quick and Easy Steps to get a Vehicle Pawn Loan

If you want to get a title loan, the procedure is very simple. Here is what you need to do.

1. You will need to have the following:

  • Government approved ID
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle registration paperwork/ pink slip
  • A clear lien-free title
  • A valid Canadian driving license
  • Proof of residence

2. Fill out an application

3. Review, discuss and sign the loan agreements.

4. Get Your Loan

Your loan can be processed in a matter of hours so you can get the cash you need the very same day. It’s that quick.

While there are many pawn loan providers in Canada, Canadian Cash Solutions is the place to go for the best customer service. We provide excellent loan services and the lowest interest rates!

Call us (Toll-Free) (855) 622-8564 to know more about your pawn loan options or to see how much cash you could borrow today!

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