Borrow Using My Car

You can borrow using one of your vehicles!

By using your vehicle you can get a Vehicle Title Loans.The title loan uses your vehicle as collateral to provide the large amount of money you are looking for. Secure a loan by making use of an asset is an awesome way to get a loan – even if you have a poor credit rating.

How it works?

Canadian Cash Solutions is teamed up with different partners across Canada to provide our clients only the best deals around.

A Car title loan is one of the best options when you are experiencing financial difficulties. All you need is a fully paid owned vehicle(free of any financial obligations), that’s it!
Your car is your credit, so it doesn’t matter if you have good credit, bad credit or no credit at all, we will try our best to give you maximum cash on your car.  Best of all, we do not hold your car hostage during the loan. You get to keep the cash and the car!

So what are you waiting for?

Financial Stress

Do i Qualify

  • You must be 18 years of age or older (legal age).
  • You must have a vehicle (Car, Truck, Van, S.U.V or Motorcycle) that is no more than TEN (10) years old.
    (Some exceptions apply — Call us to find out if your car qualifies.)
  • You must have clear title to your vehicle.
  • You must have both collision and comprehensive insurance on your vehicle.
  • You must have the vehicle registered and insured in your name.
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license.
  • A proof of residency: any piece of computer-generated mail that has been sent to you at your address.
  • Your vehicle’s registration and insurance.
  • A second set of keys to your vehicle.
  • Loan Fees:
    The fees consist of an Auto Check (to check for accidents and vehicle origin), Lien Search (to make sure the vehicle is free and clear of all liens), and a Vehicle Inspection / Evaluation.
  • Loans Rates:
    Best Loan Rates per month.
  • Repayment Fees:
    Canadian Cash Solutions Now provides 6 year loan term. There are no early payment penalties.
  • Code Of Practice, Policy and Compliances
    Our company is in compliance with the provinces and local regulations. Code of Practice/Policy on responsible lending as per Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) British Columbia, Alberta,Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Ontario.

The Benefits

  • Don’t stress about your credit score! The loan is secured and the lender is protected.
  • You can qualify for larger loan amounts by leveraging your asset(s) because the loan is secured.
  • Since loans are secured, lenders are willing to take on riskier loans.
  • As a business owner, the loan can be used to help cover short-term cash flow needs and also grow your business.

Get the financing you need today!

No Credit? No Job? No Problem!

Multiple Locations Across Canada

Lowest Interest Rate – From 10% to 49% APR

Same Day Cash & Keep Your Car

Payment As Low As $68/mo

No Prepayment Penalty

Longer Loan Terms Up To 6 years.

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